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Optimal operation of a system of flood control reservoirs Flavell, David Richard


This thesis describes a study of the application of linear programming, a mathematical optimization technique, to the problem of operating a system of flood control reservoirs in the most efficient way for maximum flood peak reduction. The reservoir system studied was one which is proposed for flood control in the Fraser River Basin and for which preliminary designs have been made. The proposed sites are in the headwater areas of the river basin, remote from the area to be protected. A channel routing method which was linear was required for use with the linear programming technique. A method was developed which was based on monoclinal wave theory. Several different cases were studied in which the reservoir capacities and combinations of reservoirs included in the system were varied. The results show the maximum regulation which is available from each combination of reservoirs and identify the minimum storage capacities required at each site. Application of the technique in planning studies and in real-time reservoir operation is discussed.

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