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A Mindlin finite strip for the analysis of rectangular containers and continuous plates with elastically restrained supports Canisius, Tantirimudalige Don Gerard


A first order shear deformable finite strip with support displacements is introduced. Both nonlinear geometric effects and initial deflections may be considered. Support displacements are introduced by the use of a set of basis functions for support degrees of freedom. Each basis function is obtained by the solution of a Timoshenko beam under a unit displacement of the respective support degree of freedom. They are combined with the standard beam functions. The new finite strip can be applied to the analysis of rectangular containers and continuous plates with elastically restrained supports. The elastic restraints are introduced with independent springs acting along supports and nodal lines. The finite strip is extended to the analysis of unsymmetrically laminated clamped composite plates by the definition of equivalent elasticity modulii to find the basis functions. The new finite strip is used in the analysis of rectangular containers. It is shown that compressive horizontal forces exist in the walls of flexible containers filled with a liquid. This can only be predicted by the simultaneous consideration of the movement of the wall corners and the geometric nonlinearities, as can be done with the present model. A 'mode transition finite strip' which has unequal numbers of modes in the nodal lines is introduced. It can be used to economize the finite strip analysis of plates with loads that need a large number of modes, but spread only across a few of the strips. Also a study of the determination of transverse shear stresses by the use of the equilibrium equations and the displacement solution is made, resulting in some important and interesting observations.

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