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Oblique wave reflection from a model rubble-mound breakwater Papps, David Arnold


This thesis investigates the characteristics of oblique wave reflection from a model rubble-mound breakwater. An experimental investigation of the reflection of obliquely incident regular, irregular and multi-directional waves, undertaken at the Hydraulics Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, is described. A method of analysis, which uses a least squares fit to measurements from three wave probes to estimate the reflection coefficient and the reflected phase lag for regular wave tests, is extended to the case of oblique wave reflection. In the regular wave tests, the wave height, wave period, and angle of incidence were varied in order to determine relationships between the reflection characteristics and parameters describing the incident wave characteristics. Results show that both the reflection coefficient and the reflected phase lag are dependent on the depth to wavelength ratio and the angle of incidence. Reflection coefficients estimated from the analysis of irregular wave tests are also presented and are compared to reflection coefficients measured in regular wave tests, showing good agreement. For multi-directional waves, directional spectra of the incident and reflected wave fields were obtained using a maximum likelihood fit to measurements from five wave probes. Directionality results are presented for one multi-directional wave test showing increased directional spreading of the reflected wave field as compared to the incident wave field.

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