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Seismic reponse and post-liquefaction analysis of the 1990 Dashihe Tailings Dam Amante, Carlos V.


This thesis presents a preliminary research study of the seismic safety of the Dashihe Tailings Dam in its 1990 condition using state-of-the-art analytical and empirical procedures. The study involves an analysis of the seismic response and post-liquefaction behavior of the dam using the 1976 Tangshan and Luanxian earthquake records as input. The seismic response of the dam was analyzed using the TARA-3 program (Finn et al., 1986). Zones of liquefaction are predicted to develop under the pond and the beach. Extensive cracking is expected to occur in a significant portion of the beach. A post-liquefaction flow deformation analysis of the dam was also performed using the program TARA-3FL (Finn andYogendrakumar, 1989). The analysis shows that most of the deformations would occur by sliding of materials under the pond and in the area of the beach near the pond margin. Despite these deformations, the dam is expected to remain operational after the earthquake.

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