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Use of information for problem resolution on construction projects Shahid, Syed Mohammad


If construction managers are to carry out their responsibilities in the areas of construction and its support services, they need ready access to the right information [Lock 92]. Timely access to the right data, properly processed for decision making, can provide a competitive edge. And keeping track of information flow on a construction job site is a vital task that has a direct bearing on the timely and successful completion of a construction project [Rasdorf & Herbert 88]. Traditionally, in the construction industry data is collected at the departmental level, but there is very little exchange of information between the departments. Much less between companies. As a result, there is a great deal of duplication of effort and inconsistencies occur in data from different sources. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the information needs of project personnel and to develop a computer-based Project-Management Information Control System (PMICS) to enhance the problem-solving and information management abilities of construction-site management personnel. The use of the latest development in computer technology will be emphasized to manage all the information in such a way as to allow quick access to the right information at the right time and shared by various disciplines or parties. The PMICS builds upon the understanding of the functions and information needs of various personnel at construction projects, and the different documents used by them. The thesis consists of five steps: (1) an analysis of related literature and the current state-of-practice relating to project information; (2) the establishment of a matrix of document types and project personnel; (3) the definition of personnel roles and information needs; (4) the establishment of the purpose, contents, and personnel involved in the preparation of different documents; and, (5) the development of a means for tracking project information. The system is developed for the PC platform and runs under Microsoft Windows™ operating environment using Microsoft Access and Excel software. The system developed in this thesis will help manage the production of information, will improve and expedite information, and will relieve technical personnel of administrative and clerical duties.

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