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Transportation system analysis and software application : A case study for the city of Piura, Peru Hara, Shinji


Transportation has always played an important role in influencing the development of societies. It is necessary to understand the current transportation systems to develop feasible future plans. The transportation situation in developing countries is becoming critical because of the negative influence of transportation on the environment. While most of the focus of previous studies was mega-cities, cities with populations of less than a million, have also experienced the negative impacts. This study is conducted as a case study to analyze the current transportation system and travel patterns in the middle-sized city of Piura, Peru. The primary purposes are (1) to better understand the transportation activities and travel behaviour of the city more, and (2) to construct a prototype transportation planning model for the city. The study has achieved those primary purposes. The level of understanding of the transportation activities and travel characteristics of the city are certainly increased through the analysis of trip purpose, time and modes, for example. The successful prototype transportation modeling shows the applicability of a standard transportation system modeling tool. This study is a benchmark study for the city. While this study has successfully demonstrated the use of planning techniques, there are difficulties which should be addressed and overcome. Further research is necessary in order to better understand the transportation system and develop a more effective transportation model.

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