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Barriers to energy transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa : electricity sectors in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa Ddamba, Lindah Sandra


The existential threat posed by climate change has propelled a global transition from the use of fossil fuels to energy from renewable sources. The 2015 Paris Accord and subsequent Climate Pacts at the Conference of Parties recognize the need to reduce the unabated use of coal and increase investments in renewables. While nearly 200 countries acceded to the global climate agreements, some countries have rejected the aggressive phaseout of coal, citing the need for a just transition that is, a gradual transition that mitigates the risks of eliminating fossils, while enabling countries to achieve their economic goals. Despite exponential technological developments and corresponding price reductions of solar and other modern renewables over the last decade, many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have not significantly developed renewables. This paper explores the factors hindering accelerated transition to modern renewable sources of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa, utilizing case studies of Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

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