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Ageing in the Neuropolis : urban bio-spatiality and seniors' everyday experience in a global city Khoo, Louisa-May


This dissertation explores the relationship between urban change and the ageing experience to understand wellbeing in late life. Using the case of Singapore, I illuminate how global city making and the social costs people bear shape seniors’ everyday lives. I offer the concept of urban bio-spatiality in thinking about the urban-body-brain nexus as stresses seep under the skin over the lifecourse alongside the transformation of the urban environment, with effects and possibilities. An urban lifecourse approach helps us better appreciate the production of the ageing experience, where another A.I., an anthropological intelligence, is essential to centre ‘heartware’ in a planning for longevity. This fosters places as carescapes as societies age, and shifts planning from a physicalist towards a humanistic perspective; from an economistic and urban design lens towards a stewardship of connections.

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