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In-plane shear capacity of 3-panel BEHLEN frameless wall system under axial compression load Huang, Jingfei


BEHLEN frameless building is a novel structural system for low-rise, large-span building applications. The BEHLEN frameless building is made of specially corrugated cold-form steel wall, footing channels, boundary columns, ceiling plates, arched roof, and optional convex. The pre-manufactured steel components are then assembled using bolts on site. BFWS is the prime structural component to resist both vertical and lateral loads in the BEHLEN frameless building. To date, BFWS has been tested under axial compression, lateral shear, and out-of-plane bending moment. However, the capacity of BFWS subjected to combined compression and shear loads has not been examined. This thesis presents a study to evaluate the in-plane shear capacity of 3-panel BEHLEN frameless wall system (BFWS). Four full-scaled BFWS with different wall thicknesses were tested in the laboratory. Specimens were subjected to monotonic and cyclic shear displacement under constant compression loads. Damage patterns of the 3-panel BFWS were observed. The observed shear resistance – lateral displacement curves were recorded. The damage patterns were sudden interactive buckling, deformation of footing channels, and the slotting of bolt holes along panel seamlines. A detailed finite element model (FEM) was developed in Abaqus. The FEM was validated using the experimental results. The results show that the FEM was able to simulate the failure patterns and capacities of the 3-panel BFWS. Further parametric study including variation of wall thickness, wall height, and axial compression was investigated using the validated FEM. The maximum in-plane shear resistance Vₘ, and the damage patterns of the specimens were reported. The experimental and simulation results are used to estimate the maximum shear capacity of 3-panel BFWS under different levels of compression loads. The results can be used to optimize the design of the 3-panel BFWS under combined axial and shear loads.

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