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Arpilleras of migration : an a/r/tography about female Latin American resilience Rojas Farias, Mariela


This thesis is a metaphor for an Arpillera, since it assembles dialogues, poems and photographs collected during encounters between a pair of women who share similar and dissimilar life circumstances. The thesis addresses issues of gender inequality and how the empowering potential of the collaborative and socially engaged textile art of the arpilleras can be a tool to facilitate dialogic praxis within circles of women who have experienced and continue to experience oppressive situations. Through an a/r/tographic approach the thesis analyzes, discusses, and elaborates on elements derived from feminist theorists, critical pedagogy, and art education for social justice primarily. The concept of living inquiry informed by the methodological approach of a/r/tography is relevant and enlightening in the research since it holds the whole theory, collaborative artmaking, and writing–poetic or theoretical–into a unique and personal experience that generates knowledge about feminine migration, single parenthood, and Latin-American ways of being. The results show the transformative power of the arts. In the same way, sisterhood, collaboration, partnership, and reciprocity as key principles of Indigenous Knowledge are present along the whole text. Arpilleras- dialogue-transformation-socially engaged arts.

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