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La oralidad ficticia en Temporada de huracanes : violencia, trauma y chisme Aguayo Mejía, Samuel Josué


The following thesis analyses the style of the novel Temporada de huracanes, by Mexican writer Fernanda Melchor, with the key concept of fictive orality. The novel imitates the oral speech in rural communities from the Southeast of Mexico. I posit that such style allows the reader to listen the concerns of certain people whose living conditions and lifestyle are extremely marginalized. Those concerns include gender violence, the war against drug cartels, lack of employment and natural disasters. In the same way, I argue that the fictive orality is represented through the form of gossip. This form represents an alternative history to the official narrative, which usually omits or suppresses religious ideologies, feminicide, domestic violence, folklore, and legends, which are fundamental components to Melchor’s novel.

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