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차가운 (Chagaun)-The book of ice : for flute solo and chamber orchestra Sadaka, Ramsey Hassan


차가운 (Chagaun)-The Book of Ice is a musical composition in four connected movements for flute solo and chamber orchestra. This composition responds to The White Book, a novel written by the South Korean writer Han Kang. In writing The Book of Ice, I am contributing a piece to the flute repertoire that blends pitch-set theoretical techniques and a spectral attitude to orchestration. This was achieved most prominently through combining the intense motivic development of a single hexachord (which I call the “ice collection”) and a focus on rich and shifting instrumental timbre. Combining these two compositional approaches resulted in the constant development of instrumental timbre to reinforce and enliven the gestural language and pitch organization of this piece. Writing The Book of Ice also demonstrates original ways of combining music and text. My purpose for doing this was to take my emotional response to Han’s The White Book and transform it into music. The realization of text through music consisted of text painting and the extraction of individual words and phonemes derived from Han’s novel to expand the timbral palette of the flute.

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