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An outside insider : Longji Zhuang Ecomuseum with the distinct “1+10 Guangxi model” Li, Jing


This study examines the Longsheng Longji Zhuang Ecomuseum in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, as a case study to explore the dynamics of a government-led ecomuseum project and its impact on local community engagement and empowerment. Set against the backdrop of the unique "1+10 Guangxi Model," which places emphasis on preserving minority culture and fostering collaboration between traditional museums and ecomuseums, the research addresses three critical questions: the functioning of the ecomuseum under this model, the extent of its engagement and empowerment within the local community, and insights gleaned from its operations for rethinking ecomuseum practice in China and beyond. Through an investigation of the museum spaces, including the Exhibition & Information Centre, Ethnic Cultural Transmission Centre, and Cultural Model Households, the study seeks to understand the level of community participation in the project. Furthermore, by examining the interactions and stories of community members and museum experts, the research reveals diverse perceptions of the ecomuseum and its challenges. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of community engagement and empowerment in ecomuseum practice in China, prompting a rethinking of ecomuseum philosophy and practices, and recognizing their potential and possibilities for making a difference in marginalized and neglected communities' lives.

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