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A/r/tographical bread making as meaning making : materials within a relational practice through art making and storying Shimomura, Yuko


In a process of becoming an a/r/tographer through my life stories and breadmaking, I make, re- make, write, and re-write. Being in-between materials such as ingredients for bread making, my body and memories, I contemplate what knowledge making means through seeing, seen, and unseen. Inspired by the works of Tim Ingold and Maxine Greene, I explore the concept of offering/giving/gifting as well as exchanging while reviewing the theoretical perspectives of making with materials and aesthetic education. When seeing things in mundane life from a different position, I desire to know things around me as otherwise. Such a knowing occurs with other entities including non-human kinds, which allow me to make deeper connections between my lived experience and current conditions to create different kinds of knowledge.

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