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Diagnosing electron beam lithography quality using optical ring resonators Darcie, Adam


Electron beam lithography is a useful fabrication method in the field of silicon photonics, enabling rapid one-off prototyping and offering small feature sizes relative to optical lithography alternatives. For applications in quantum information technology where every photon counts, it is critical to thoroughly gauge the optical performance of fabricated devices and optimize the process to ensure proper device performance. This thesis begins by motivating the need for standardized test structures through write condition variations, with the intention of minimizing propagation loss and feature size errors. Throughout this testing, the need arose for a more accurate method of measuring propagation loss than commonly used spiral cutback structures, which are susceptible to large uncertainties due to both fabrication and measurement errors. It also became apparent that density-related sizing errors are prevalent on several different fabrication processes and a convenient method for quantifying and negating them is needed. Therefore, we present optical ring resonator-based methods for determining both propagation losses and feature size variations with greater accuracy than conventional methods.

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