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Sexual and gender minority youth and their parents : identity-related conversations Munro, David Willis


This study investigated how sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth and their parents jointly construct and act on goals and strategies germane to the youth’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI) construction. Six parent-youth dyads were followed over 7-10 months using the qualitative Action-Project Method, which is grounded in Contextual Action Theory. Data include participant conversations, video recall of internal processes, and researcher telephone monitoring. Detailed analysis of elements, functional steps, and goals resulted in the identification of a parent-youth relationship project for each dyad. Embedded within the broader relationship project were joint actions specific to the youth’s SOGI construction process, such as: supporting one another with challenges related to identity disclosures; parents coming out on the youth’s behalf; revisiting the past; and looking forward to the future with hope and optimism. Findings demonstrate a SOGI construction process that is relational, socially meaningful, ongoing, dynamic, and infused with goal-directed action. Importantly, these findings provide insight into complex parent-youth relationship processes that facilitate the youth’s SOGI construction process.

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