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Plastid phylogenomics and molecular evolution of Thismiaceae (Dioscoreales) Garrett, Natalie


PREMISE OF THE THESIS: Species in Thismiaceae can no longer photosynthesize, and instead obtain carbon from soil fungi. Here I infer Thismiaceae phylogeny using plastid genome data, and characterize the molecular evolution of this genome. METHODS: I assembled five Thismiaceae plastid genomes from genome skimming data, adding to previously published data for phylogenomic inference. I investigated plastid genome structural changes considering locally colinear blocks (LCBs). I also characterized shifts in selection pressure in retained genes by considering changes in ω, the ratio of non-synonymous to synonymous changes. KEY RESULTS: Thismiaceae experienced two major pulses of gene loss around the early diversification of the family, with subsequent scattered gene losses in descendent lineages. In addition to massive size reduction, plastid genomes experienced occasional inversions and two losses of the inverted repeat (IR) region. Retained plastid genes remain under generally strong purifying selection (ω

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