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PalmSpace : leveraging the palm for touchless interaction on public touch screen devices Nath, Pinku Deb


The touchscreen is the primary solution to interact with public devices such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). However, the touch modality raises health concerns since users have to touch the screens, and therefore risk the spread of contagious diseases. I designed PalmSpace, an alternate input technique leveraging users’ hand palms to interact with public devices. With PalmSpace, UI elements are mapped onto the users’ palms and can be accessed by touching various locations directly on the palm. I conducted a series of user studies to evaluate several design options, such as interface layout, item size, preferred item location, and suitable feedback for items. Based on the results, I designed PalmSpace and compared its performance with mid-air input. I showed that PalmSpace is a potential solution to interact with public devices without using their touchscreen. I concluded with design guidelines for using the palm as an alternative input space for touchscreen devices.

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