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Kanenhstóhare : the educative implications of estrangement, homecoming, and Indigeneity Brant-Birioukov, Kiera Kaia’tanó:ron


The reader is invited to join a journey towards kanenhstóhare (ga nunhs doe ha ray). This dissertation traces the process of making Haudenosaunee lyed corn soup, to propose that a curriculum of renewal can be conceptualized through Haudenosaunee thought. The journey is guided by the pursuit of the research question, What value can kanenhstóhare bring to a curriculum of renewal? As a contribution to the Canadian conversation of curriculum studies, this dissertation seeks to consider the complexity of Haudenosaunee thought as an invitation to renew the learner through the journey of lyed corn, as it experiences estrangement (leaving the familiar behind) and homecoming (the iterative remaking of home). The field of curriculum theory has existing calls for the renewal, disruption, and interruption of the learner’s consciousness; yet it fails to account for the risk it poses to learners in such an estrangement from self, and the need to reintroduce oneself following these transformative moments. Kanenhstóhare, drawing upon a Haudenosaunee consciousness, calls for learners to lean into such discomfort, darkness, and grief, as a journey into the unknown. Rooted in a foundation for Haudenosaunee thought, I introduce the overarching threads of Kayanerenhkó:wa (The Great Law of Peace) (ka’nikonhrì:io, ka’sathsténhsera, and skennen) as three methodological moments (autobiography, educational theory, and traditional teachings). Following the journey of corn, we move towards sowing the seeds and braiding the corn to dry, where I theorize how coloniality poisons our collective minds and limits the possibilities of a curriculum of renewal. Lyed corn is a result of vigorous and corrosive boil to transform and renew the corn. Therefore, renewal in a theory of kanenhstóhare, is sought by leaning into a boil for estrangement and is rinsed and reintroduced back into the world through a homecoming. The dissertation concludes with positing the serving of the soup, to offer a conversation for a curriculum of renewal and the future of Haudenosaunee thought in education. Supplementary material available at: http://hdl.handle.net/2429/81483

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