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Exploring teacher wellbeing and the influence of leadership : a case study of private school teachers in Pakistan Tariq, Zainab


Owing to the critical role that teachers play not only in the success and wellbeing of students but also in the success and wellbeing of educational organizations, international scholars in the field of education are paying special attention to the wellbeing of teachers to address issues related to teachers’ wellbeing. But there is very limited research addressing this issue in the context of Pakistan. Aligned with growing research on the importance of wellbeing in schools internationally, this study is an attempt to explore and understand teachers’ perceptions and experiences of wellbeing and how they think leadership behaviours influence this sense of wellbeing in schools in Pakistan. In order to develop an insight into teachers’ sense of wellbeing and the impact of leadership, I used a qualitative case study research design. Thirteen teachers from different private schools in Lahore participated in this study to share their experiences through online open-ended questionnaires and follow-up Zoom interviews. The findings of this research study indicated that teachers develop a sense of positive wellbeing at work when they receive appreciation, positive relationships, ample professional development opportunities, and a supportive and positive work environment. It also highlighted that leadership behaviours impact all of these experiences of wellbeing at work and offers recommendations for leaders to create conditions to cultivate school environments that foster the positive wellbeing of teachers.

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