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Experimental and numerical investigations of Frameless cold form steel corrugated wall panels subjected to in-plane monotonic and cyclic loads Vaze, Soham


Cold-formed steel corrugated wall panels (CFSCWs) have recently gained traction as structural elements in buildings. A novel application of CFSCWs, named as Frameless system, has been developed by BEHLEN Industries LP. The Frameless systems have been used as load bearing elements. However, no investigation has been conducted to assess the seismic performance of Frameless panels under axial and shear loads. Within this context, a series of experimental and numerical studies are being conducted at the University of British Columbia to assess the seismic performance of Frameless panels. First, a robust experimental test setup is designed to simulate the effect of gravity and seismic loads on the Frameless panels simultaneously. A total of 10 specimens with different corrugation patterns and varying axial loads were tested. Subsequently, a finite element model is developed to simulate the monotonic behavior of the Frameless panels and is validated by the experiments. A comprehensive evaluation of the influence of different corrugations and axial loads on the initial stiffness, the buckling-failure mode, the peak force capacity, the post-buckling stiffness, and the residual force capacity are presented. The results of the experimental and numerical investigations show the lateral force-deformation response of Frameless panel is highly influenced by the corrugation patterns and the axial loads. A linearized backbone curve was proposed for the Frameless panels with axial loads as the design parameter. Key design parameters such as overstrength and ductility ratios of the Frameless panels have been identified. The findings from this research allow the users to design one-span Frameless panels as seismic force resisting system under different axial loads. This research is the first of a series of investigations performed to quantify the seismic safety of Frameless systems

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