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Investigation of supersymmetry on a strongly-interacting Majorana zero mode chain Shakeri, Mobin


Majorana fermions have been an important subject of research for the past few years in the field of condensed matter physics. After the realization of Majorana zero mode (MZM) in a Kitaev-chain, studies on the systems of many-body MZMs have been increased. Throughout the previous research, It was found that a few of the Majorana zero mode 1-dimensional chain models possess a Tricritical Ising model conformal field theory as a critical point in their phase diagram. These critical points are supersymmetric and the supersymmetric behaviour remains at a near vicinity of them in their neighbouring gapped phase. This particular behaviour of these 1D strongly-interacting MZMs is believed to be interesting since the system possesses a supersymmetric phase whilst having a nite correlation length in the gapped phase. In this thesis, we are going to investigate the supersymmetric realization of these models in their gapped phase, try to understand their excitation levels with the concept of soliton/antisoliton states and try to find traces of supersymmetry in this system of a condensed matter.

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