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Relationship between parental and children's screen time at home Liu, Yangjin


Children’s screen time is connected with factors at intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community, and other levels. Parental screen time in the family environment with children’s presence is likely to have relationship with children’s screen time. To advance the understanding of the relationship between parental and children’s screen time at home, a qualitative study was conducted to explore what parents’ screen time experiences were at home and how they experienced their screen time while their children were present at home, employing a phenomenological approach. Eight participants, who were parents of children in the first year of schooling, were recruited for interviews to share their experiences. The qualitative data analysis tool, NVivo, was used to analyze the data by coding and thematizing the significant statements identified in the data. Textural and structural analyses of individual participants’ screen time were reported in this study, so that the realities of parental screen time were revealed in detail. A discussion of parental and children’s time at home and their screen time at home were reported to explore what influenced parental screen time at home and what influences parental screen time had in the family environment while their children in the first year of schooling were at home. Discussions of the reasons for screen time and measures to control screen time were also included in this study intending to explore the ways to keep screen time for the purpose of entertainment at low level. It is pointed out that parental screen time for entertainment is one factor for children’s screen time for entertainment, and limited parental attention for their children is another factor in the family environment to influence whether parents give their children screen time for entertainment.

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