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Measurement and comparison of retention load values between three implant overdenture attachment systems Alqarni, Mohammed


Objective: To measure retention load values for Locator Legacy, Locator R-Tx and Novaloc attachment systems after two thousand multiple pulls test, and compare the retention load values at initial cycles, in addition to cycles equivalent to six months, one year and a year and a half between the three groups. Material and methods: Three acrylic models were fabricated. Two implants were embedded into each block. Three attachment systems were tested in this study: Locator Legacy, Locator R-Tx and Novaloc attachments. Using an Electrodynamic Fatigue Test Machine (EFTM), two thousand multiple pulls test was performed at a crosshead speed of 50.8mm/min. Retention values were recorded for each of the two thousand cycles. One-way analysis of variance was carried out to compare the difference in retention load values between groups LL, R, NV at cycle numbers 1, 10, 548, 1096 and 1644. A post-hoc Tukey’s test was subsequently used to identify the difference between the groups. Results: The results revealed a statistically significant difference between the three groups at all the cycles (p

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