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2-D relative position and attitude determination for land vehicles using multiple UWB ranges Ghanem, Ehab M.


Positioning technologies that are available today are used to enhance position estimation for the goal of providing fully autonomous vehicles. Currently, positioning technologies, such as GNSS, INS, LIDAR, etc., often have complementary strengths and limitations. Consequently, they are often used together, or fused, to provide a more reliable and/or more accurate position estimate. These positioning technologies have been extensively studied to characterize their strengths and limitations. However, UWB ranging has not been fully investigated in the context of relative position and attitude estimation between moving vehicles. This thesis provides an extensive characterization of an UWB-only system that can be used to estimate the relative position and attitude of one vehicle with respect to another while the two vehicles are executing various maneuvers while driving on streets. The UWB system designed, developed and tested, can provide a relative horizontal position estimate with a mean error of approximately 1 m, and a relative attitude accuracy of 6 Degrees or better. The system is able to operate at distances up to 80 m between the two vehicles.

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