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A fast solver for the pseudo-two-dimensional model of lithium-ion batteries Han, Ha Jung


The pseudo-two-dimensional (P2D) model is a complex mathematical model that can capture the electrochemical process in Li-ion batteries. However, simulation of the model also brings a heavy computational burden. Many simplifications to the model have been introduced in the literature to reduce the complexity. We present methods for fast computation of two models: an asymptotically scaled P2D model and the full P2D model. The techniques developed in this work can be used when simplifications are not accurate enough. By rearranging the calculations, we reduce the complexity of the linear algebra problem. We also employ automatic differentiation, using the open source package JAX, for robustness, which also allows easy implementation of changes to coefficient expressions. The method alleviates the computational bottleneck in P2D models without compromising accuracy.

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