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Integrating overconfidence and overclaiming : exaggeration harms performance Dubois, Patrick J.


Some people have an exaggerated self-image: They imagine their abilities to be greater than they are. This discrepancy between self-perception and reality has been studied for at least a century under the names of overstatement, overestimation, overconfidence, and overclaiming, yet considering this research altogether reveals some contradictions. By introducing a unified approach (the Residualized Exaggeration Index, or RExI), the present research rectifies past oversights and shows that exaggeration reliably predicts narcissism, entitlement, and impatience, as well as lower academic performance regardless of cognitive ability. As a more precise operationalization of what is connoted by “overconfidence”, the RExI approach can also easily be incorporated into common educational practice to provide more accurate and wholistic learner assessment, and perhaps provide a foundation for improving self-awareness and critical thinking skills.

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