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Full photon propagator and boundary charges in a 4D bulk with a 3D defect Jia, Hao


We conduct a review of the basic concepts about boundary conformal field theory and boundary conformal anomalies. Next, we build a 4-D bulk and insert it with a 3-D fermion defect to consider the structure of full photon propagator and energy-momentum tensor in defect conformal field theory. Our result shows the interaction part of full photon propagator has a coeffi- cient which depends on the coefficient of one photon irreducible propagator. Comparing with the boundary CFT model, our defect CFT model loses part of the symmetry and the fold trick cannot be applied to the full photon prop- agator. In the end, we calculated the boundary central charges with the full photon propagator. We find all projective terms in full photon propagator under Feynman Gauge vanish when we calculate the two-point function of energy-momentum tensor. The result shows the boundary central charges also depend on the coefficient of one photon irreducible propagator. After ignoring the interaction fixing term, we find the boundary central charge reduces to half comparing to the boundary CFT model.

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