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Subjective well-being of bicultural individuals : understanding person-culture match theory through the lens of acculturation Tseu, Anne


In recent years, studies have examined various factors related to person/culture match, a theory that if an individual is similar to the people from a certain cultural environment, it is associated with engagement in positive feelings (Fulmer et al., 2010). There has been extremely limited research in person/culture match and cultural fit regarding bicultural individuals and acculturation. The present research explores how subjective cultural fit, acculturative stress, and social interaction of bicultural individuals are linked to their psychological and subjective well-being using the experience sampling method. In addition, I will be exploring the unique contribution of subjective cultural fit and acculturative stress as independent predictors of well-being, and the reverse causal direction of well-being and subjective cultural fit and acculturative stress. After completing the initial survey, participants were tasked with completing three daily surveys over the span of 10 days. Bicultural participants were asked to fill out questions regarding their moment-to-moment subjective cultural fit and social interaction with Canadians and their own ethnic culture, level of acculturative stress, ratings on their positive and negative affect, life satisfaction, and psychological well-being. Overall, analyses of the results show that subjective cultural fit and social interaction with Canadian culture, and acculturative stress predict bicultural individuals’ well-being, but subjective cultural fit and social interaction with one’s own ethnic culture had no significant effect on well-being. Implications, limitations, and directions for future research are discussed. Keywords: subjective cultural fit, bicultural individuals, acculturation, well-being, culture

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