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The complicated legacies of Olympic village housing : 1984 to 2018 host cities overview, and the social and affordable housing legacies of the Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012 Olympic villages Nesbitt, Christine


A number of compounding economic and regulatory factors make building affordable housing a challenge. Adding the rapid and specialized construction of infrastructure for Olympic Games increases both complexities and opportunities. This thesis explores Olympic Village planning, and analyzes the outcomes of the affordable and social housing legacies that were pursued by the host cities after the Olympic Games have taken place. This thesis begins by reviewing and categorizing the types of housing legacies that are pursued with Olympic Villages, from Los Angeles 1984 to PyeongChang 2018. Then, building on VanWynsberghe and Pentifallo’s Legacy Planning Model Framework, I explore three Main Olympic Villages that have pursued affordable and social housing legacies; Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012. The Framework is used to assess the degree of success the cities had in following through on their intended legacies, and inform how future host cities may more successfully transition Olympic Village housing to meet the affordable and social housing need in their respective cities.

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