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Quantum tasks in holography May, Alex


The AdS/CFT correspondence relates quantum gravity in asymptotically AdS spacetimes to conformal field theories living on the boundary of that spacetime. Here, we initiate a new perspective on the AdS/CFT correspondence. In particular we study relativistic quantum tasks, which are quantum computations with inputs and outputs occurring at specified spacetime locations. We note that the AdS/CFT correspondence implies the same tasks are possible in quantum gravity in AdS spacetimes as are possible in the dual CFT. Using this, we find a relationship between the existence of overlaps in certain light cones in the bulk spacetime and entanglement in the boundary CFT. This complements the usual perspective on geometry and entanglement in AdS/CFT, which relates minimal surfaces in AdS to entanglement in the CFT. Further, we point out various instances where this bulk/boundary tasks relationship implies novel statements about tasks.

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