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Upright magnetic resonance imaging of lumbopelvic musculature Shaikh, Noor Sahar


Adult spinal deformity (ASD) affects 60% of aging adults, with many researchers and clinicians acknowledging the importance of the lumbopelvic musculature. This work investigated morphometry of lumbopelvic muscle in ASD patients in upright functional postures in comparison to supine using upright magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with foundational feasibility studies in asymptomatic individuals. A secondary aim explored markers of muscle activity from upright MRI. Subjects (asymptomatic: 6 lumbar, 6 lumbopelvic, 7 upper arm; ASD: 8 lumbopelvic), were scanned in a 0.5T upright MRI (MROpen, Paramed) in various upright and supine postures. Measures included muscle morphometry (cross-sectional area (CSA), position) for the multifidus/erector spinae, psoas major, gluteus, and iliopsoas L3/L4-S4/S5, and bony geometry. Repeatability was assessed using intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC(3,1)), effects of posture and muscle activity were evaluated by ANOVA(p

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