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What comes next? Transfers of power in the Canadian context Schultz, Eric


This thesis examines government transitions. Focusing primarily on Westminster nations and Canada in particular, I analyze the crucial periods in the political cycle in which new governments first take the reins of power. Though vitally important for new governments, studies of transitions have typically received little attention from political scientists, often overshadowed by the elections that precede them and the governing that comes after. This thesis attempts to provide a foundational account of the existing knowledge surrounding these transitions as well as proposing numerous paths forward for future research. The thesis is separated into two major parts. The first draws upon existing research, identifying the typology, phases, and key themes surrounding transfers of power. This first section also examines transitions among Westminster nations. The second part identifies three areas in need of further research: intraparty transitions, the impact of transitions on the public service, and the role the media plays as power changes hands. Analyzing each of these subjects in turn, I propose detailed research designs through which political scientists can expand our understanding of government transitions and their implications for both the short and long-term prospects of these new governments.

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