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Mechanism and experimental validation of self-centering nonlinear friction damper Zuo, Xi


Current earthquake design philosophy in North America focuses on providing minimum “life safety” requirement, where main structural components are designed to dissipate the earthquake energy through inelastic yielding during strong earthquake shaking. This could result in significant financial losses and downtime. The next-generation seismic design focuses on the use of energy dissipation devices which forces the earthquake energy dissipation in specially designed devices, while majority of the structures are capacity protected to be damage free. Hence, structure can be inspected or repaired efficiently after earthquake. To make the structure even more resilient, newer high-performance structures are designed to have low residual drift after the earthquake, hence the structures can be used shortly or immediately after strong earthquake. In this thesis, a novel self-centering energy dissipation device, named self-centering nonlinear friction damper (SCNFD), is proposed. SCNFD utilizes pivot hinge, specially designed grove plates and pre-compressed springs to create self-centering nonlinear elastic force-deformation response. In addition, friction pads are added to create the energy dissipation needed. Detailed theoretical equations were derived to describe the mechanical behavior of the SCNFD. The behavior of the SCNFD was validated using nine experimental tests. The results show the behavior of SCNFD can be well modeled using the theoretical equations presented in this thesis. Finally, a detailed parameter study on the stiffness of springs, pre-compressed force, friction and pivot plate ratio have been calculated to evaluate their effects on the hysteretic response of the SCNFD. Results demonstrate different flag-shaped hysteresis responses can be achieved using different SCNFD configurations, which make SCNFD a versatile, reliable and efficient damper for seismic applications.

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