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The Light only Liquid Xenon experiment : signal production, data acquisition and commissioning de St Croix, Austin


The Light only Liquid Xenon (LoLX) experiment is a small detector designed to investigate both scintillation and Cherenkov light emission in liquid xenon, validate photon transport in simulations and study Silicon Photo-Multiplier (SiPM) response. A new analytic framework for describing temporal scintillation signatures is presented, and the relationship between xenon’s refractive index and temperature is derived from literature. The energy deposition time is also calculated for relativistic alpha and beta particles, as it pertains to future phases of LoLX which will aim to measure the rise time of the scintillation signal. The characterization of the LoLX electronics shows single photon resolution and the system linearity was reported for prompt light pulses up to 200 photons. A framework is presented for describing external cross-talk (eXT), where a charge avalanche in one SiPM generates photons which trigger another device. Finally preliminary data from a gaseous nitrogen cooldown of LoLX is analyzed, which shows evidence for fluorescence in nitrogen and eXT, although no definitive conclusions are drawn.

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