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Infrared divergences in N=4 dupersymmetric Yang-Mills theory Ding, Su Yu


A massive quark with U(1) charge is constructed with the Higgs mechanism in N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and is set up in a constant, uniform external electric field such that its classical trajectory is that of constant acceleration. The leading term in the amplitude of the trajectory in the semi-classical approximation is quadratic in the total proper time, which is attributed to infrared divergences. We consider various methods of treating such divergences. The inclusion of Bremsstrahlung emission desirably replaces the quadratic dependence with a linear one, but forces us to reconsider the meaning of a global color charge. The method of dressing by Wilson line is shown to be unsuccessful. We finally provide an Ansatz for a Chung-like dressing factor to lowest order and show the elimination of infrared divergences.

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