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An adaptation and validation study of the Hubley depression scale for older adults (HDS-OA) in the general adult population in China Tang, Xuyan


Depression tends to be under-identified in China, as indicated by a much lower prevalence rate, despite similar diagnostic criteria used in China and Western cultures. Commonly used depression screens (e.g., Chinese versions of the Beck Depression Inventory-II or Zung Self-rating Depression Scale) tend to be overly long, costly, dated, or lack consistently strong psychometric evidence in Chinese samples. Accordingly, use of these measures leave many depression cases undetected and a more effective screen is thus needed for the Chinese population. The Hubley Depression Scale for Older Adults (HDS-OA) is ideally suited. It was developed based on the latest diagnostic criteria, is relatively short (i.e., 16 items), and has exhibited satisfactory psychometric properties in both depressed and non-depressed groups. In this thesis, two studies were conducted. In Study 1, I adapted the English version of the HDS-OA into Chinese, through backward and forward translation as well as use of pilot testing. In Study 2, I evaluated the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the HDS-OA with a nonclinical sample from the general population in China. The data demonstrated a unidimensional factor structure, good internal consistency reliability, and strong convergent and discriminant evidence for validity. The purpose of this research is to obtain a better screen of depression that might increase the accuracy of diagnosis and allow for more timely intervention for Chinese people with depression. As a consequence, depression relapse and premature death caused by suicide may be prevented and a higher level of well-being in the general population may be obtained.

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