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Shear behaviour of concrete bond in structural repairs under fatigue loading Suchta, Joanna Alice


A significant portion of concrete infrastructure in North America is deteriorating and will require repair or rehabilitation action in the near future. An effective repair can be jeopardized by a bond which is unable to withstand the subjected loading and durability conditions. Fatigue loads are a cause of structural concrete deterioration and cracking with respect to service load conditions such as vehicular traffic as well as high amplitude loading events such as earthquakes and storms. Currently the response of cementitious repair interfaces tested under fatigue loading is not comprehensively examined in existing literature. In this study, the modified slant shear cylinder test with different bond plane inclinations was used to experimentally determine the bond strength of composite substrate-repair specimens subjected to monotonic and fatigue loading protocols. The effect of both roughened and near-smooth interfacial profiles is considered, as well as the use of steel fiber reinforcement in the repair material. The associated bond parameters are derived from experimental test results using previously identified predictive models and failure envelopes for concrete interfaces. 2D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is additionally used to examine strain distributions on the surface of slant shear specimens prior to failure. A discussion on the degradation of the adhesive bonding mechanism is presented and the resulting implications on bond strength and bond parameters are examined. The interfacial bond investigation is complemented with a discussion on the limitations of the employed predictive models as well as a review of relevant code provisions and research guidelines pertaining to interfacial shear bond subject to cyclic and fatigue loads.

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