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Gender Wayang in twenty-first century Bali : new music and a growing performance tradition Crowe, Laura


This thesis explores current trends in the gender wayang (four-instrument metallophone ensemble) performance tradition of Bali. Themes include performance contexts and repertoire, pedagogy, accessibility, recording technology, and new music. My findings are prefaced with a detailed survey of the current literature written on gender wayang. The research reflects my experiences studying gender wayang in Bali in 2016-2017, and 2018. Traditionally, gender wayang is best known for its role accompanying shadow-plays, or wayang. In twenty-first century Bali, however, gender wayang has penetrated beyond wayang such that the shadow-plays are no longer the primary context for the ensemble’s performance. Through participant-observation, reflection, and analysis, this thesis explores the effect gender wayang’s growing popularity and presence in both ritual and non-ritual performance contexts have had on pedagogy. As well, this thesis looks at the development of new music for the ensemble, and includes analysis of three new gender wayang compositions. By looking at current practices in comparison with past research, this thesis proposes ideas about modern changes, and contemporary practices in the tradition.

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