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Philosophical anthropology in education : essays on bildung, magic, and citizenship González, Juanita


This thesis is a study on philosophical anthropology in education. It addresses the question of being and becoming human beings through a collection of three essays in which the concepts of Bildung, fundamental equality, freedom, reality, magic, personhood, and democratic citizenship are analyzed. The emergence and transformation of one’s sense of self is the subject matter of the first essay. This topic is addressed by responding to a paper on fundamental equality and Bildung by Gad Marcus. Moving on from the question of the person exclusively, the main concern of the second essay is how this person grapples and accounts for its reality. This is carried through by exploring the literary genre of magical realism as a framework that contributes to expanding our understanding of the nature of reality. Finally, the third essay is a reflection on how humans interact and present themselves to others in the context of a democratic nation-state. This reflection is developed by analyzing two concrete examples drawn from the Venezuela-Colombia migration case that illuminate the lived experiences of forced migration and resettlement. The opening and concluding remarks included in the introductory and conclusion chapters address the style, method, commonalities, differences, and themes of this collection of essays. These are intended to provide a sense of integrity and wholeness to the thesis.

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