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Analyzing android taint analysis tools : FlowDroid, Amandroid, and DroidSafe Zhang, Junbin


Numerous static taint analysis techniques have recently been proposed for identifying information flows in mobile applications. These techniques are often optimized and evaluated on a set of synthetic benchmarks, which makes the comparison results difficult to generalize. Moreover, the techniques are commonly compared under different configuration setups, rendering the comparisons inaccurate. In this paper, we provide a large, controlled, and independent comparison of the three most prominent static taint analysis tools: FlowDroid, Amandroid, and DroidSafe. We align the configuration setup for the tools and evaluate them on both a set of common benchmarks and on real applications from the Google Play app store. We compare the results of our analysis to the results reported in previous studies, identify main reasons for inaccuracy in existing tools, and provide suggestions for future research.

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