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Riboflavin : intake, status, and relation to anemia among women of reproductive age Aljaadi, Abeer Mohammad


Riboflavin is a B-vitamin that is essential for redox reactions. Erythrocyte glutathione reductase activity coefficient (EGRac) is a biomarker of riboflavin status; ratios ≥1.40 are commonly interpreted as indicating biochemical deficiency. Biochemical riboflavin deficiency may contribute to anemia; however, little is known about the riboflavin status and relationship to anemia in reproductive-aged women. The objective of my thesis was to determine riboflavin status and relationship with anemia in women of reproductive age in Canada, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The first study determined riboflavin status and its association with hemoglobin and anemia in women (19-45y) living in Canada (n=206) and Malaysia (n=210). Riboflavin deficiency (EGRac ≥1.40) was more prevalent in Malaysian than Canadian women (71% vs. 40%). A negative association between EGRac and hemoglobin (r= -0.18; P

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