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Lighting design for Timothy Findley's The Wars adapted by Dennis Garnhum Piton, Matthew


Timothy Findley’s The Wars, adapted by Dennis Garnhum, was presented at the 400 seat Frederic Wood Theatre. The production opened on the 7th of November 2019 and closed on the 23rd of November 2019. The Wars was directed by Lois Anderson. Set Design was by MFA student Cecilia Vadala, Costume Design was by BFA student Erica Sterry, Sound Design was by BFA Student Zachary Levis, Stage Management was by BFA Student Emily Chen, and Assistant Stage Management was by BFA Students Hannah Abbott and Sherry Yang. This thesis is my formal report of my Lighting Design and Design Process for this production. The structure of this thesis follows that of the production. It begins in the pre-production and research phase of the project, which included meetings with the director and design team to establish the vision for the project. It then moves into the design phase, followed by the implementation of the project in the space. The thesis concludes with a retrospective view of the production and my reflections on the effectiveness of the production as a whole.

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