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A narrative examination of using school-based trauma-informed practices Lemon, Rosalynn Michelle


In Canada, the current rate of natural disasters, the influx of immigrant and refugee children from war-torn countries, and the prevalence of complex traumatic experiences in childhood highlight that it is time to examine our preparation within schools to address trauma. However, there is a scarcity of empirical knowledge regarding effective practices for supporting Canadian students who have experienced trauma. The present study involved in-depth narrative interviews with seven school counselling professionals who identified using trauma-informed practices in their schools. Thematic content analysis was conducted on participant interviews to examine their stories of engaging with and implementing trauma-informed practices. Six key themes were identified in the analyses of the participants’ narratives: Defining Trauma-Informed Practices, Experiences in Training and Learning About Trauma-Informed Practices, Trauma-Informed Practices: A Movement, Engaging in Trauma-Informed Work in Schools, How Trauma-Informed Practices Support, and The Future of Trauma-Informed Practices. These themes are presented and discussed in terms of their implications for trauma-informed practices research and practice.

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