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Silicon photonic components using sub-wavelength gratings and other periodic structures Yun, Han


Sub-wavelength gratings (SWGs) and periodic waveguides play important roles in integrated optics. These periodic structures have been employed in integrated optical power couplers and wavelength filters which are key components for optical communication and sensing systems. This dissertation is a theoretical and experimental study of high performance silicon photonic SWG-based adiabatic couplers, SWG contra-directional couplers (SWG CDCs), and polarization-rotating Bragg grating (PRBG) filters that use these periodic structures. Mode-evolution-based couplers, also known as adiabatic couplers, are fundamental building blocks for optical communications applications such as broadband optical switches and electro-optic modulators. In this thesis, to begin with, adiabatic 3 dB couplers using conventional silicon-on-insulator (SOI) ridge and strip waveguides are studied and demonstrated for 100-mm-long mode-evolution regions and 100 nm operating bandwidths with splitting imbalances

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