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Measuring the effectiveness of a group-therapeutic model for veterans Lutz, Kevin Tyler


This study examined the effectiveness of a group-therapeutic model, utilized by the Veterans Transition Program (VTP), to meet its stated goals of decreasing symptoms of depression and PTSD, while increasing the experience of hope and general quality of life. Analyses of these data showed improvements in all outcome variables. Change scores were compared using paired t-tests. One-way ANOVAs were done to determine whether the demographic factors of age, sex, marital status, children, and income were significantly associated with change scores. Multiple linear regression was carried out on the change scores to assess the possible combined effects of the covariates. Results showed a significant change in the scores on all of the measures relevant to the stated goals of the VTN. Age appeared to have an effect on some outcomes including the BDI-II, PCL-5, and OQ-45; having children appeared to be associated with change scores on the PCL-5; and sex of the respondent appeared to be associated with change scores on the THS. Outcomes of this group-therapeutic model were independent of any identified covariates. These results were seen in both the bivariate and multivariate models.

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