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Comparative analysis of Salmonella-infecting bacteriophages and characterization of bacteriophage-host interactions Fong, Karen


Numerous outbreaks in North America have been attributed to non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica. Bacteriophages (phages), viral bacterial predators, represent agents that could be used for controlling Salmonella; yet, relatively little is known about phages and their host interactions. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis was to characterize phages of Salmonella on their phenotypic and genomic determinants and phage-host interactions. Salmonella phages (n=97) were isolated from sites within British Columbia, Canada. Host range analysis revealed diverse patterns of lysis, with several broad host range phages identified. Initial screening demonstrated that phage SI1 exhibited remarkable stability at a variety of pH and temperature values. Artificially- contaminated sprouting alfalfa seeds treated with SI1 resulted in a significant (p98% nucleotide identity), yet between clusters, genomes exhibited a span of diversity (

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