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Investigation and characterization of microlenses for imaging reception in indoor optical wireless communications Guerrero, Daniel


The gain in popularity of optical wireless technologies over the past decade is the start of a revolution in optical technology. While we have seen commercial optical communication systems firmly establish themselves over the past decades, through the use of optical fibres for point-to-point optical communications, we are now beginning to see the emergence of mobile optical wireless technologies. Such technologies typically use portable imaging receivers and fixed indoor transmitters, such that data can be piggybacked onto lighting from distributed light emitting diodes (LEDs) within the room. These optical wireless communication systems can potentially provide high-speed optical communications with wireless mobility. However, such systems have practical challenges for the imaging receivers, in that they are typically implemented with bulky (typically centimetre-scale) optical elements with narrow field-of-view characteristics. The proposed work addresses these practical challenges by introducing microlens technologies that are suited for optical wireless implementations. It is shown that the implemented microlenses can enable compact imaging, with strong signal levels and wide field-of-view characteristics.

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