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Graph neural network for situation recognition Suhail, Mohammed


Understanding images beyond salient actions involves reasoning about scene con-text, objects, and the roles they play in the captured event. Situation recognition has recently been introduced as the task of jointly reasoning about the verbs (actions) and a set of semantic-role and entity (noun) pairs in the form of action frames. Labeling an image with an action frame requires an assignment of values (nouns) to the roles based on the observed image content. Among the inherent challenges are the rich conditional structured dependencies between the output role assignments and the overall semantic sparsity. In this work, we propose a novel mixture-kernel attention graph neural network (GNN) architecture designed to address these challenges. Our GNN enables dynamic graph structure during training and inference, through the use of a graph attention mechanism, and context-aware interactions between role pairs. It also alleviates semantic sparsity by representing graph kernels using a convex combination of learned basis. We illustrate the efficacy of our model and design choices by conducting experiments on imSitu benchmark dataset, with accuracy improvements of up to 10% over state-of-the-art

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