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Synthesis and characterization of sulfur-bridged terpyridine-like Ru(II) coordination complexes and dinuclear Ru(II) sulfoxide complexes Cross, Trevor


A new set of sulfur-bridged oligopyridine proligands was synthesized with each having different functional groups in the 4ʹ position. Three new homoleptic Ru(II) complexes with these new tridentate ligands were synthesized and were found to have no geometric strain about the Ru(II) metal center due to the expanded ligand cage about the metal. In addition, a heteroleptic Ru(II) complex with one of these new ligands and a terpyridine ligand was made. The heteroleptic complex was found to be emissive at 77 K while the homoleptic compounds were non-emissive. These photophysical and electrochemical properties of these new complexes were also probed, and Lever Electrochemical parameters assigned. Photoactive mononuclear and dinuclear Ru(II) sulfoxide complexes were synthesized. The mononuclear complexes were found to have photoswitching activity that is consistent with reversible photoisomerization. A dinuclear complex was synthesized to probe if two photoisomerizations on the same complex was feasible. The dinuclear complex was found to undergo an irreversible photoreaction, and no evidence of two photoisomerizations was found

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